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Global pet

Global pet

Global pet

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    Global pet
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    Cold city love North
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    Free Novel
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Hundreds of years ago, the earth began to recover its aura, plants and animals began to mutate in large quantities, and human thermal weapons failed. With the efforts of generations, human beings found that they could mutate, and the brain region would awaken the medal to resist all kinds of spirit animals, so as to adapt to this era of great change thanks to the efforts of our ancestors, with the current era of pet animals, everyone can detect whether it is possible to become a pet master after he is 14, which is one of the most effective ways to break the class. If you can't become a royal pet teacher, you can consider becoming a warrior. When you are successful, you can also have the power to resist spirit beasts. You can also become an evolutionist and take the auxiliary route. The successful person will be famous all over the world. These are the three main directions of the society.......... a battle for the cultivation of Royal pet division is started, and the water turns into a dragon and stirs the wind and cloud

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