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Weird Xiuxian: I can practice serious skills

Weird Xiuxian: I can practice serious skills

Weird Xiuxian: I can practice serious skills

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    Weird Xiuxian: I can practice serious skills
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    Zhao clan
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    Wind Book
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2022-07-13 07:15:37
Zhao Heng passed through and became a meat pile of Xiuxian sect it's obviously not a serious Xiuxian sect to avoid the encounter in advance. Hey I've never heard of people practicing Qi digging open the elixir field to find the sense of Qi practicing martial arts is either cutting off limbs or stitching other things on the body insert the sword into the body to nourish the flesh and blood practicing Yuanshen skill requires digging out the sea and dividing the soul relying on this kind of thing to achieve great success, Zhao Heng can't imagine how unspeakable the whole person will become fortunately, he has awakened the cultivation system and can practice serious immortal cultivation skills< br>...... many years later, when others asked him why his cultivation was so strong and seemed so normal Zhao Heng: what, don't you practice by Reiki? What are you practicing?

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