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This NPC is too strong

This NPC is too strong

This NPC is too strong

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    This NPC is too strong
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2022-07-13 08:35:03
When Li Yu wakes up, he finds that he has crossed into the world of "eternal Avenue"< Br> at this time, there is still half a year to go before players arrive< Br> the evil and deception catastrophe has not yet started, and the death zones such as rotten swamp, golden desert, hell Mountain Ghost country and limitless demon sea are still silent. The whole dry land area was calm< Br> Li Yu took advantage of his foresight to develop obscene< Br> after the game is opened, players often see a high-level NPC with a glittering ID fishing by the Qingshui River< Br> whenever players excitedly come forward to chat up and see if they can worship a master or trigger a task - "what? Do you want to worship me as a master?"< Br> Li Yu shook his head: "with all due respect, you are too poor. But I once lost a dragon jade pendant in the zombie cave. If you find it, I can teach you a magic."< Br> "do you want to learn alchemy?" Li Yu smiled: "there is a gang of evil practitioners in the five ghost cave of kilao mountain. As long as you can eliminate the evil for the people and give me their magic tools, Xin Jin copper bottles, I will teach you how to refine pills."< Br> "do you want to join Zixia sect?"< Br> "do you want to learn the skill of refining utensils?"< Br> "all these are OK."< Br> Li Yu said meaningfully: "but you should understand that there is no free lunch at the end of the day!"< Br>... until hundreds of years later, many top figures fell and disappeared, and players also changed one after another, but Li Yu was still active in the dry land, and even was about to cross the rob and rise< Br> many players have to sigh: this NPC is too strong!

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