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King system: show up from Diao Chan

King system: show up from Diao Chan

King system: show up from Diao Chan

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    King system: show up from Diao Chan
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    Hundred star glory King
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-08-14 01:40:35
The fog invaded, and more than one million people in Sucheng were trapped in a foreign world you activated the king's glory system and drew the hero Diao Chan and Holy Grail from the novice gift bag... you will soon raise Diao Chan's level to level 4 you turned into a Diao cicada and began to dance among the monster Army... after all, after opening the big move, a displacement skill per second can be displayed by individuals... when the demon zombie army came to the city, all humans were in despair... you are the highland security - Guangxin: I am the sun! This sword should be condemned by the gods you are the king of thunder - Si kongzhen: break the darkness with thunder you are infinite chopping under the moon - Luna: the moonlight reflects my life and your death you are a cat shadow magic dance - Diao Chan: it's better to ask God than yourself, and it's better to ask me than yourself you are completely crazy - Dianwei: please stop me you are the father - Armor: take despair as the sword and the dead as the armor this book is also known as "the king: I cultivate heroes in the foreign world", "the king: my Cosplay game", "the king: I am the boss behind the hero organization" ------ the novel of the king's glory system can change into a hero and summon Heroes (heroes have independent personality) finally: all skill cooldowns are the same as games!!!

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