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Douluo s opening explosion ring sign in Goddess

Douluo s opening explosion ring sign in Goddess

Douluo s opening explosion ring sign in Goddess

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    Douluo s opening explosion ring sign in Goddess
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    Bright moon design
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-08-13 12:31:54
Once crossing Douluo, Xu Ming gets the sign in goddess system. As long as he signs in the goddess, he can get rewards with different growth rates to his surprise, if you blow up the ring during check-in, you will get different bonus increase effects depending on the number of years of the Soul Ring blown up "Ding! Sign in goddess object: SSS goddess Silver Dragon King Gu Yuena!" "Ding! Sign in goddess type: fried ring first sign in!" "Ding! Sign in goddess effect: five times the increase of superposition effect!" "Ding! Sign in goddess rewards: Honghuang ZuLong's martial spirit, Honghuang ZuLong's blood, Honghuang ZuLong's original Scripture, Honghuang ZuLong's trunk bone, divine level and changeable charm, and Gu Yuena's intimacy is 100!" So far, Xu Ming, with the majesty of the ancient dragon, walked between the human race and the soul beast race, signed in the goddess of different levels, swept Douluo's invincible hand, and achieved the supreme name of the Dragon ancestor! Xu Ming: why is it a fist and a child? Give me support! people:

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