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Cang sword alone

Cang sword alone

Cang sword alone

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    Cang sword alone
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    Lava Novel
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After death, inexplicably reincarnated to a strange world< Br> since reincarnation, why is it that someone else's reincarnation in novels and movies is either a courtyard childe or a confidant with a beautiful face beside him< Br> my uncle was born in this pile of corpses< Br> fortunately, I'm the only living person in the heap< Br> but when reincarnation, it seems that you can feel a trace of resentment from the original owner of this body< Br> it seems that I probably killed his consciousness from this body after reincarnation. I became the master of this body< Br> good guy, why am I a double< Br> put your hands together and hope that people, oh no, hope that the soul consciousness, the soul and so on are all right< Br> in this way, the original owner should not come to me at night< Br> summer Ming is thinking< Br> in this way, Xia Ming reincarnated in this life, thinking of those sword masters in novels and films in previous lives< Br> after Xia Ming's reincarnation, the path he chose for his life is kendo< Br> hold a sword and cut the enemy with it. How much gratitude and resentment, I will use my sword to solve.

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