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Life simulator of Huli immortal

Life simulator of Huli immortal

Life simulator of Huli immortal

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    Life simulator of Huli immortal
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    Ten sided Dolphin
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    Wind Book
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yechangsheng was unexpectedly reborn as one of the national masters of Chechi country, who traveled to the West< Br> he is familiar with the journey to the west, but he thinks the whole tiger is bad< Br> he practiced the authentic Xuanmen skill five thunder method< Br> in his whole life, he not only did not harm anyone, but also suppressed his nature to become brothers with deer and sheep, and jointly practiced the authentic Taoism of the Xuanmen< Br> it is to promote Taoism in the world and accumulate incense merits for Xuanmen< Br> even if you are not an authentic demon immortal, you still have some incense and fire feelings with Xuanmen< Br> but what about the result< Br> just because he had no background and was not strong enough, he was defeated by the demon monkey and lost his life. He became one of the most wronged monsters on the road to the West< Br> after death, the merits and virtues of one's life were dissipated, which became a stepping stone on the Buddhist path composed of the four people traveling to the West< Br> how miserable is tiger life< Br> fortunately, he got the life simulator in time< Br> in that case, I, tiger power immortal, will fight against the fate arranged by the god Buddha!

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